Anthony Sluzas on 06/28/2022

Reach Out!

Today, for some reason, even at my age, I miss my Mother’s unconditional love, affection, smile, sense of humor, laugh, her encouragement and most of all, hearing the words, “I’m very proud of you, son” and “I love you.” Granted, we know the love of God is incomparable and eternal, but while on this

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 06/20/2022

Blessings On Fathers Day

“As a father shows compassion to his children, so the LORD shows compassion to those who fear him.” (Psalm 103:13 ESV)Father’s Day is a great time to celebrate your dad and the men in your life who have encouraged, cheered, coached, loved, and shared Jesus with you over the years. This day can be di

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 06/16/2022

Shaking, Exposure, and Judgment

I’m convinced that the Lord is now judging and shaking His Church, the nation and the entire world. This is only the beginning. We plainly see that lies are being uncovered. More and more political and religious leaders shall be exposed and removed. The shaking will intensify. It is incumbent upon u

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 06/15/2022


How should we, the people of God, live in the midst of “a crooked and perverse generation?” It all begins in the home. Our homes should be filled with love and obedience between children and parents. Families should be filled with gratitude and be defined by respect. They should exude a natural love

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 06/13/2022

The Rest of Your Life Can Be the Best of Your Life

Recently, someone my age In the ministry suggested that maybe he and I have reached the point of being too old to be chosen to pastor again…or even to be invited to preach in churches on a regular basis as an Evangelist. With “friends” like that…However, and thankfully, a true friend helped me to re

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 06/06/2022

What Would You Do If Finances Weren’t An Issue?

What are the things that you absolutely love to do? What do you have a passion for doing that you can carry on for hours and say, “I will do this whether I’m paid or not.”(?) This might very well be your God-given calling—your place of grace.Personally speaking, I would do exactly what I’m doing now

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 06/01/2022

Do Thyself No Harm (Part 3 of 3)

Why should you not “end it?”REASON #3: You are not your own, dear one. In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 in the Easy-to-Read Version, it says, “You should know that your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit that you received from God and that lives in you. You don’t own yourselves. God paid a very high price

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 05/31/2022

Do Thyself No Harm (Part 2 of 3)

REASON #2: We all have a God-ordained course that we’re supposed to keep and complete. We’re not supposed to stop halfway down the course. We’re supposed to find and finish our course. Say this out loud: I have a God-ordained course. Sadly, many Christians have just wandered all over the place and d

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 05/26/2022

Do Thyself No Harm (Part 1)

Most everyone either knows someone or knows of someone who has been affected by suicide. You may have even struggled with this. It has hit people hard and caused a vacuum in their life, with pain and loss. I want to talk about it. If it’s so much better for the child of God to be “out of here,” then

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 05/25/2022

People Don’t Need Good Advice; They Need Good News

This little blog is very short today but nevertheless, it’s a matter weighing heavily upon my heart, especially in the perilous time in which we live. Remember when you and I first gave our lives to Jesus and how we just had to share the good news with everyone? Whatever happened to our urgency to s

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