Anthony Sluzas on 01/04/2023


I have personally loved living in Georgia for the past three years. “Go Dawgs!” My son, Jake has thrived in the day program and made buddies at Annandale Village in Suwanee. My wife will still be able to hold her wonderful job here while doing it remotely in CT. We’ve also been blessed with some of

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 11/30/2022


Real Bible faith, is faith that obeys. Our faith adventure began in 1988 upon accepting Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord, and today we are getting ready to step out by faith once again. I’ve lived and have been in ministry long enough to realize that it’s not about what we’re leaving or losi

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 10/29/2022

Another Dream

I was preaching an out of town Revival this week and while preparing on Wednesday afternoon for that evening’s final service, I had to lie down because for some reason, I suddenly felt wiped out and just couldn’t keep my eyes open…and fell fast asleep. I don’t remember ever dreaming like this during

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 10/10/2022

Another Candle

As I approach a pretty big birthday by God’s grace, I’m taking a spiritual inventory these days. Things I was once fanatical about as a younger man are now no longer important but were a waste of time. All of that stuff is now fading out of sight like lines on a freeway in the rear view mirror of li

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 10/04/2022

There’s No Stopping God When He Opens Doors!

Even when things get ‘slow’ in the life of a traveling Evangelist, God always comes through…Always. About an hour ago, I received an invite to be interviewed and then preach on a new program called, “The Gospel,” Oct. 11th, on King Television with Pastor John Javed. The following week on the 21st, I

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 09/12/2022


God gives every single human being a period of time to repent and turn to Jesus Christ. If you’ll read in the book of Revelation, that as the judgments begin to come, there will be people who’d seen all kinds of things wiped out by the judgement of God, yet even so, “they would not repent.” What doe

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 09/05/2022


“Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners” (1 Corinthians 15:33, KJV) Ever noticed that it’s often easier to gain than lose weight? In this world it also seems easier to tear down than to build up…or to get sick than to walk in health…or to destroy a relationship than work to mainta

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 08/31/2022


“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death” (Proverbs 16:25) Are you presently journeying down a road that you are realizing is not God’s best for you? Is it possible that you need to make a full U-turn but are wrestling with finding the courage to turn the wheel? Th

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 08/29/2022


Most people do not understand the anger of God because they confuse the wrath of God with that of human beings. God’s wrath and man’s have precious little in common. The anger we human beings experience is all too often self-centered and prone to explosions of temper or even violent acts. We tend to

A Anthony Sluzas
Anthony Sluzas on 08/27/2022

Lookin’ for Love In All the Wrong Places?

A sad, old country song once mournfully stated, “I’m Lookin’ for Love In All the Wrong Places.” This sentiment is all too accurate for many people in this world. However, love is not found through advice online or from magazines, self-help books, bars, or other people. The truth of the matter is tha

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