Just Sharing What’s On My Heart Today About Climate…The Spiritual Climate

Written on 08/11/2022
Anthony Sluzas

Let me first assure you who might be reading…this is not a political post per se’ but the root of the thing is spiritual to be sure. I know preachers run the risk of being attacked and accused of “being too political” and many just shy away from taking any stand at all.

*In fact, you’d likely be surprised at who I’d prefer to vote for come 2024.*

That being said…any potential ugliness in the comments below from anyone will be deleted on the spot. However, I just wanted to share what’s on my heart today.

What I’m typing here is about in-your-face corruption, seemingly unparalleled in our lifetime, at least from what I can see. Let’s open our eyes and hearts and see it for what it is. It appears the nation is being attacked and dismantled by powerful elites in the world and in our government and the press—all being driven by unseen forces that your Bible teaches about. I’m still in disbelief over the events of a couple days ago. Though I am thankful to have been born and raised in the USA, I, like millions of others, remain shocked by those in the highest echelons of power in DC and federal “law” enforcement behaving more like some banana republic secret police, or the KGB in the old SovIet Union, hell-bent on destroying their political enemies. Watergate looks like petty grocery store shoplifting compared to ALL that we are witnessing today.

But all of this goes much deeper.

What kind of mind is so afraid and hates so deeply and so irrationally that they want to destroy one person and his family at any cost? You can put nothing past those with such seething hatred in their hearts—nothing. At a spiritual level, all of this is nothing short of demonic, and the lust for power and to manipulate and control is, simply put—witchcraft. They aren’t just interested in coming to “take out” one very flawed person (flawed just like you and me), but in dispiriting, intimidating, and dominating half of this nation. Just to be clear: there’s too much anger and hatred on both sides of the national divide right now and it needs to stop.

We, as Christians, must never give in to fear or to hatred, but realize that we are ultimately citizens of Heaven, and just temporary sojourners in this land. Let’s walk in love toward all, even those we disagree with, let’s bless and not curse, and be a reflection of the light and love of Jesus Christ. We must pray fervently as never before, humble ourselves and repent. May God forgive, revive, and save America.