Light Always Overcomes Darkness

Written on 11/17/2023
Anthony Sluzas

While it’s true that we are living in tumultuous and dark days, we must, especially now, remember to see the dark Friday of Golgotha in light of the empty tomb on Sunday. We must see The Cross of Christ as our Tree of Life. The Cross was the most horrific, despicable symbol imaginable in the Roman Empire, and it was proof that Caesar was in control and you were not. Again, the powers that be wanted you to know that Caesar is in control, and you’re not (which kind of sounds like our day). What made Christianity so dangerous was that they, the believers, began to embrace–and to kiss–The Cross. They saw it no longer as an instrument of coercion and tyranny and manipulation. They saw it as a Tree of Life and Victory, and if God can do that with the most horrific form of execution imaginable, just imagine what He can do with us, and how He can transform you and me into the image of His Dear Son…even in the darkest of days. So, turn your eyes upon Jesus and let your light shine for all to see. “Maranatha!”