Another Dream

Written on 10/29/2022
Anthony Sluzas

I was preaching an out of town Revival this week and while preparing on Wednesday afternoon for that evening’s final service, I had to lie down because for some reason, I suddenly felt wiped out and just couldn’t keep my eyes open…and fell fast asleep. I don’t remember ever dreaming like this during a nap before. I fell into a deep sleep. This was my dream: “My hotel is close to the mountains in northern Georgia and I have a great view….the strange thing is that in today’s dream, I knew that I was here in this hotel. Then I heard what we all identify as being the sound of jet engines of very large aircraft outside my hotel…this is still my dream…but in the dream I woke up to this incredibly loud sound outside my window and jumped up to investigate. Sitting in the road, a major state route below, was a huge USAF jet that I knew to be a spy/intelligence gathering aircraft (like the AWAC’s of years ago).

My adult daughter, I realized was across the street shopping with my wife…but in the dream my daughter is a little child again. The plane was now just “parked” on the road blocking my path preventing me from going after my wife and daughter and I was becoming extremely anxious about it. While frantically trying to find my way across the road I was being blocked by military people and plain clothes agents who were actually arguing among themselves about this “terrible mistake” they’d made landing here. Well, I eventually snuck around all of them and made my way down this steep hill and finally found my wife and daughter.” That’s when I suddenly awoke from the dream.

Later that same afternoon, I contacted a friend who is blessed with very a strong prophetic gift. Without having the time to really pray about what I shared, she had some very interesting thoughts on my dream.

As I get older, there have been dreams which have come that I didn’t understand at all but in time, actually came to pass. Was this one due to the loaded omelette I had for breakfast, or was it ‘just me,’ or something else? I don’t know right now. Time may or may not tell. Although I’m still praying about it, I know that God is ultimately in control, and we who trust in Jesus, can rest in His amazing grace and loving care.