Try Once More

Written on 08/26/2022
Anthony Sluzas

“We’ve worked all night and caught nothing” (Luke 5:5a, NASB)

Those of you who are fishermen and for that matter, for the rest of us who aren’t, does it feel like you have worn, tattered, and empty nets? Do you identify with having the feelings of a sleepless (and fishless) night? For what exactly have you been casting your nets?

Financial Security? “My debt feels like an anvil tied to my neck.”

Physical Healing? “I’ve been sick for so long…”

Faith in the Goodness of God? “I want to believe but…”

A Healed, Happy Marriage? “No matter what I do…”

“I’ve toiled all night and caught nothing.”

Perhaps you too identify with the apostle, Peter. You’ve tried again and again but seemingly, to no avail. But Jesus is asking you to go fishing once again, dear one. He knows your “nets” are empty and that your heart is weary. He is well aware that you’d like nothing more than to turn away and call it a day (or a life).

However, our Lord urges, “It’s not too late to try again.”

See if Simon Peter’s reply won’t help encourage you to formulate your own. “Nevertheless, Lord, I will do as You say and let down the nets” (Luke 5:5b).

Don’t give up, loved one. Try once more.